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Leroy Miller

"One of Australia's finest

emerging acts."



Daniel Aaron is an indie-roots outfit of one - soulful, bare-footed, multi-instrumental. He’s got groove tighter than the federal climate budget, rhythm raucous enough for the toilet paper aisle mid-lockdown and style harder to pin than a chip packet in the wind. Centered in earnest lyricism and the rhythm of the yidaki (didgeridoo), Daniel's songs will have you doting on beloved people, revering the landscape, and dancing with zest


A Triple J comp win, collaborations and mentorship from premier Aussie artists Pierce Brothers and Ash Grunwald, a stunning debut album and subsequent International Songwriting comp finalist, Daniel Aaron has cemented himself as 'one of Australia's finest emerging acts'. 



Daniel Aaron - portrait 1.jpg

Josh De Hoog


Following the release of his debut single in 2018, Daniel bunkered down over the course of  5 years to work meticulously on a captivating debut album. With exceptional collaborations, poetic themes and stunning production Daniel Aaron's self-titled debut album is a work of art, set to leave a lasting impact on listeners. 

"The deep hum of the didgeridoo... fused with an array of instruments, somehow forges together to produce the hybrid-genre of Daniel Aaron's hypnotic music."

Anina Conradie



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